Joel Meyers

Bio on the President of Meyburd Associates

Joel H. Meyers, CEO of Meyburd Associates, has long acquired properties that were magnificent in their day, that need to be restored to their former glory. He has taken properties that others may pass by as difficult, and works with the local towns, designers, and architects to bring out the best that a property has to offer. He has properties in three states, (New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts), and has been a broker for eighteen years. Mr. Meyers was nurtured by Fred Trump (Donald Trump’s father and the originator of the Trump organization) — He showed Joel the value of providing tenants with quality housing. Working as Trump’s Director of Operations, Meyers was responsible for overseeing more than 15,000 units in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Joel H. Meyers began renovating properties on his own in Park Slope Brooklyn, and then moved to restoring the magnificent Victorians of Willimantic CT. (the second most concentrated site of Victorian “Painted Ladies” ) His Portfolio also includes East Otis Manor, in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. He is currently developing a parcel in close proximity to the Otis Reservoir, which contains multi-family dwellings and will soon be home to more than forty townhouses on twenty-two acres. Meyburd Associates is a full service organization with its own property management, construction and maintenance teams. Joel H. Meyers prides himself in the design and versatility of his properties.

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